Laine Lawson Craft with Steve Craft

Start Again From Scratch

A No-Fail Recipe for Reviving Your Marriage


Are you in a Dead Marriage? Do you have Lifeless emotions for each other?

Is your marriage in need of a resurrection?

Are you both willing to try to start over?

You Can Have Your Miracle and Live It Too!


Start Again from Scratch is the real-life, no-fail recipe Laine Lawson Craft and her husband Steve put to the test to revive their failing marriage. After 17 years of misery, the Crafts decided to throw out the marital mess thebook-picthey had burnt to a crisp and cook up a whole new recipe for wedded bliss.

Fourteen years later, the happy couple are not only husband and wife but also the very best of friends, parents of three grown children who can’t wait to retire someday, sit on the front porch and watch some spectacular sunsets.

Start Again from Scratch was written for desperate couples on the brink of divorce, couples who, as Steve once said of Laine, “would rather live the rest of their lives with the devil than spend one more minute with their husband or wife.”

Laine and Steve use the metaphor of cooking to show couples how to add fresh quality ingredients like forgiveness and trust into whole new recipe for marriage, then follow the right directions to serve up a delicious new marriage dish. Laine even includes some of her favorite recipes at the end of each chapter, in hopes that satisfied stomachs will help heal hurting hearts.

Every couple, but especially those who think there is no hope left, can experience a miracle if you both are willing, then read this book and follow the recipe for a whole new life. As the Crafts can tell you, the proof is in the pudding (and don’t miss Laine’s fantastic homemade Banana Pudding recipe at the end of the book).


When Steve and I got married 30 plus years ago, we never dreamed our first 17 years could become hell on earth. I never thought there would come a day when I would love to hate my husband. Here was the man I had vowed to love until the day one of us died, and for most of those first 17 years I prayed his death would come quickly. And preferably at my hands.

Maybe you are at that same desperate point in your own marriage. Maybe you think your marriage is so far gone nothing could fix it. Not even a miracle. You don’t even know why you picked up this book. But you did pick it up. We’re so glad you did.

Inside this book lies the story of the honest-to-goodness miracle that happened in our marriage. We discovered a secret that in a single instant could erase 17 years’ worth of arguments, mistrust, broken promises, curse words, and hate. In one conversation and one prayer, all the parts of our marriage that we had burned beyond recognition fell away. It happened when Steve and I made a decision together to start again from scratch.

Maybe that sounds too simple, but believe us, it worked. We got our love back. We kept our family together. We preserved our legacy. We prevented our children’s hearts from breaking. We discovered sizzling sex. We became best friends.

The changes stuck too. We started again from scratch 14 years ago, and today our marriage is better than ever. We love each other more, like each other tremendously, and can’t wait to live to a ripe old age together.

The best part of our miracle is now we get to share it with you. Every couple can do the same thing we did and decide together to start again from scratch. That’s why we call this the “no-fail recipe for reviving your marriage.”

If you grab all the ingredients we suggest and follow the directions carefully (Don’t forget a heaping helping of our “Secret Sauce),” in no time at all you’ll be cooking up a brand new relationship with your same old spouse. One that tastes better than you ever could have dreamed.

Better than chocolate peanut butter pie. Better than your grandma’s sour cream poundcake with buttercream icing. Better than the tastiest filet mignon with homemade burgundy shallot mushroom sauce or the most luscious lobster dripping with butter. (We could continue, but the list is making us hungry.)

How about it? Are you feeling the hunger pangs for change? Thirsty for a brand new relationship? Tired of living on a marital diet of mistrust, dishonesty, contempt, and criticism? Whether you have been married five months or 15 years, that kind of negative diet has not made you a lean, mean marriage machine. Nope. Instead, we bet it has packed on the pounds of loneliness, bitterness, and resentment. Every day, you feel heavier and heavier as all the junk in your marital trunk weighs you down.

Today is the day you can shed the extra weight and start again from scratch. Right now. This minute, you and your spouse can experience the same miracle Steve and I had. Sooner than you think, you will be having your miracle and living it too. We can’t wait ’til you try a bite.

We are so excited to share with you the ways we learned how to Start Again from Scratch: A No-Fail Recipe for Reviving Your Marriage. Inside these chapters, you will find special ingredients that will bring your love back to life. You’ll discover directions that will help you combine these fresh ingredients in the very best way to spice up your marriage and make it a sizzling success.

Each chapter of Start Again from Scratch contains some of our personal story and a new ingredient or direction for your marriage. The chapters start with my (Laine’s) insight, followed by some of Steve’s perspective. We thought it was important for couples to hear both sides of the story, from the wife and the husband. As husband and wife, male and female, Steve and I process things differently. We also feel differently and act and react differently. In order to capture the full picture of our marriage restoration, we believe you, the readers, can benefit best from the input of both of us.

At the end of each chapter, you will find a “recipe” of action points for you to take and build upon, plus a “recipe card” journaling page to add your own notes and tweaks. We encourage you to write down what you are doing and feeling as your recipe unfolds. It will be a powerful dish to share with others soon.

Finally, the last page of each chapter is an actual recipe of ours you can carry into your kitchen and try. Food brings comfort, and these are some of our family’s favorite no-fail recipes to help fill your stomach and nourish your bodies as you work hard to renew your hearts.

No matter how bad your marriage is today, if you both are willing, it can be transformed by tomorrow. We know it can. We’re living proof. So please join us now on the journey. We promise if you start again from scratch and follow our no-fail recipe, your marriage will revive and thrive.

Then you can share your miracle story too.

Livin’ Lively with love,


Laine Lawson Craft – Livin’ Lively with Laine
Author, entrepreneur, speaker and television host, Laine Lawson Craft’s passion is to inspire and empower women to live transparently and joyfully, pursuing their dreams.

laineA Mississippi native, Laine’s compassionate heart for women facing desperate situations grew out of the mountains God moved in her own life. To spread her message of hope, Laine took a leap of faith and founded WHOAwomen in 2007, an outreach to women that included a local television program, The Whoa Show, a nationally circulated publication, WHOAwomen Magazine, her very first book, Feeling God’s Presence Today, and her brand new book, Start Again from Scratch: A No-Fail Recipe for Reviving Your Marriage.

“God has given me a passion and message,” Laine says, “to show women how there is nothing impossible for God. Your health, your relationships, your finances—whatever seems impossible in your life, God can meet you in the middle of it and bring hope, healing and peace. He’s still in the business of restoration and he’s still parting the Red Sea in lives today.”

In 2013, building on the success of the WHOA brand, Laine began developing her own faith-based talk show for women, a platform for sharing powerful stories of how God has accomplished the seemingly impossible in women’s lives all over the globe. With compelling interviews with ordinary women and celebrities alike, it is an upbeat, engaging program for women and about women, featuring segments on food, fashion, music and more. Presently Laine is launching her own personal brand, Livin’ Lively with Laine which invites everyone to live life to it’s fullest.

In every professional pursuit, as well as in her personal life, Laine Lawson Craft is committed to taking her message of hope, restoration and fulfillment to women all over the globe. “Everything we’ve been able to accomplish this far has been an affirmation of the desire God has given me,” Laine says, “to see women grow in intimacy with God and discover the freedom that comes through transparency and trust.”

When Laine isn’t on the road with the Start Again From Scratch Events, speaking at women’s conferences or representing WHOAwomen abroad, she’s spending time with her husband of 30 plus years, Steve, and her three children. She especially enjoys the great outdoors and entertaining friends.

Steve Craft
Geologist, Oil Field Entrepreneur, Husband of Laine Lawson Craft


steveSteven H. Craft heads Craft Companies, a conglomerate of more than 50 companies strong that pursue, develop, and manage new, conventional oil and gas fields on-shore along the U.S Gulf Coast. Steve holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Geology from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and pursued further study of carbonate geology in the Master’s program at the University of New Orleans. His career follows the path and accomplishments of his father, Wyatt E. Craft, who established the first Craft company which generated, leased, drilled and operated several hundred wells in southwest Mississippi. Steve specializes in seismic supported depositional dynamics through the identification and development of new oil field discoveries, primarily in the Mesozoic section of Mississippi and Alabama. Craft’s efforts have resulted in 34 new field discoveries, 23 of which were generated by Craft and assembled, drilled, and operated by Craft and/or his partners.

Steve also holds a life degree in marriage to speaker, publisher, and personality Laine Lawson Craft, consisting of the first 17 years of struggle and heartache and the past nearly 14 years of wedded bliss and renewal. Steve enjoys his work in the oil business, but his true passion is for God, his wife Laine, and their three grown children Steve, Lawson, and Kaylee. He is proud to partner with Laine on their first coauthoring venture, Start Again from Scratch: A No-Fail Recipe for Reviving Your Marriage (2015).

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